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Your Personal Success Formula

Wouldn’t you like to know your unique, personal formula(e) for success?

Well, I suggest, for the vast majority of us, we already know what these are, but for numerous reasons we forget! Perhaps too often we are looking to others to come up with the answers, or trying new fads. One of the roles of a coach is to remind clients that they already have most of the answers to their problems and to help them have the confidence to go along with their instincts.

So what is a success formula? It is something visual, simple and easy to remember, that represents a truth for you. The visual element is an equation, e.g.

Something = B + C or X + Y – Z = Something

While you can use division signs, square roots, etc., the simpler the better. We’re not trying to be scientific, just helpful.

At their simplest level, success formulae can be just a basic reminder. For example if for you, Being Organised + Delegating = Less Stress, then, when you start to get stressed, the first thing you can check is whether you are less organised or you have stopped delegating new projects. One of my basic formulae is Insights + Inspiration = Great Coaching. It reminds me not only to support clients in solving their problems, but also to inspire them to reach even higher.

At their “highest” level, success formulae get to the very core of our success. If you can’t come up with a single personal success formula, I suggest perhaps having two, one being an attitudinal one, i.e. what mindset do I have (or need to have) to make me successful and the other an action one, i.e. what activities must I do and be good at to succeed.

Further examples of my own are: -

My Success = Determination + Desire

A Full Practice = Networking + Taster Sessions + Raving Fans

Would reminding yourself of why you are a success, help you to be even more successful? Why not try it.

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