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Sun, Sand & S…. – Are you getting enough?

Self-care, that is. August is traditionally one of our peak holiday periods and often one in which many businesses find themselves with less work than normal, as a consequence of this flight to the sun. But it appears from a report in the Times this week than up to 50% of professionals and owner/managers only take two weeks or less holiday a year.

Not only are many of us not taking our holidays, but many are taking their work with them on holiday. In the age of mobile phones, laptops and e-mails, the temptation (or perceived need) to take work on holiday seems to be ever growing, as was the case with a prospective client recently.

A few people are perhaps so passionate and excited by their work that they don’t need holidays (but even this is unlikely to be sustainable over an extended period of time), for most of us, however, there is a real requirement to recharge the batteries and refresh ourselves. So why don’t we take our holidays, or possibly have the “worst” of both worlds by taking work on holiday? Perhaps some of us have raised our own importance (usually in our head), feeling that things will fall apart if we’re not around. For others they simply “can’t” afford the time, while for sole traders perhaps the double whammy of spending money and not earning while on holiday may just be too unnerving.

Whatever the reason, give yourself and your family the break you deserve. You’ll be less stressed, more creative and productive and nicer to be around on your return. It will be worth it!

If you haven’t had a holiday in six months, schedule some time to get away in your diary – this week. If you still feel unable to take that holiday, please talk to me about creating some strategies to break the chains from your office.

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