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What is Coaching and why have a Coach?

Firstly, why have a coach? In the words of my very first client, Gary Howard, Managing Director of Monitor Services Ltd, “I chose to enlist the help of a coach because I was going through a testing time in my business life and this was impacting on my personal life. I generally knew what to do, but the coaching was the catalyst to drawing it out and getting it done”. The specific reasons may vary, but in all cases clients want to realise their true potential. Repeated studies show that people only use a fraction of their potential. Tony Buzan, a leading expert on the mind and a multi-million best-selling author, puts the figure at less than 10%.

More and more business people are turning to coaching for the same reason top sports stars do. Because they want to be outstanding and to be the best. The likes of Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, Paula Radcliffe, even with their outstanding natural ability, all know that with additional support and encouragement they’ll have that extra winning edge.

What is business coaching? Well, firstly it is not business consultancy. Consultants advise and recommend on a host of specialist areas and generally, but not exclusively, then leave the client to implement the “recommendation” - this can of course be very valuable and just what certain business owners need. Coaching however, is about supporting, focusing, motivating and challenging clients to be the very best they can be. I love the tale of the farmer who says to his adviser, “Don’t tell me how to farm any better, I’m not farming as well as I know how to now.” My coaching is about helping clients run their business as well as they already know (and then even better!).

There are varying styles and methods of delivering coaching, but choosing the right coach is ultimately about trust. Trusting someone with your aspirations and fears, trusting someone to accompany you on a personal journey to achieve your business dream(s). More on trust in the following pages.

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