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Writing your Goals down and reminding yourself of them

In the previous page of this section I referred to a study that showed people who write down their goals are hugely more successful that those who don’t. In summary, the Yale university study I referred to claimed, that the 4% of people who actually took the time to write down their goals, were worth many many times more that the other 96% collectively.

So writing goals down seems to produce superior results. If we are to write goals down how should we do this? In simple terms, make your goal (vision) as clear and specific as possible. If for example one of your goals is to have your dream car, rather than saying I want a new Mercedes, the goal should be phrased along the following lines – I drive a new 2006 metallic blue Mercedes 500SL coupe, with five point alloy wheels and top of the range satellite navigation system.

Once you’ve written your goals down, don’t just stick them in a file and put them away in a drawer. Put them somewhere you will see them. My monthly goals are on my computer and the first thing I do each morning is click on them and read them. Experts on goals say the best time to remind yourself of your goals is first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Zig Ziglar, a leading personal development expert and motivational speaker, said when he wanted to lose weight, he cut out a picture from a magazine of a model advertising Jockey underwear and then put a picture of his own head over the model’s and stuck in on his bathroom cabinet. If you want that dream car, you won’t be short of magazine pictures!

I’m sure many people reading this already write down their goals. For those who don’t – an invitation to join the top 4%!

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